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Why Fieldprint®?

Fieldprint® is the most comprehensive and convenient provider on the market today. No one else can provide you access to as many sites throughout the United States and Canada.

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How It Works

Seamless from scheduling to storage, our proprietary fingerprinting system, known as HANK, process fingerprints from multiple locations and transmit them to multiple agencies.

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Getting started is easy.

Like every fingerprint, every client’s needs are unique.
Do you want to outsource your entire fingerprinting program? We’re happy to help! Do you need us to supplement your in-house program? Great. Help us understand your exact needs and we’ll develop a solution that is right for your situation.


We also make it simple for you to get to know us.


Want us to run a search to see how well our fingerprinting facilities match your corporate locations? No problem. Want a demonstration of our Livescan capabilities and the HANK system? Just ask.


The more you know about Fieldprint®, the more you’ll see that there is no other service like it on the market.


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