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As a “third generation” applicant screening firm with superior customer service and proprietary technology, BIG® is able to customize our full suite of high-level services to seamlessly meet the unique hiring process needs of each of our clients.

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Today’s financial services employers don’t need to be convinced of the value of an applicant screening program. For the vast majority, using screening services to protect the safety of the workplace and minimize the potential for liability is a core practice, not an option.

However, employers face a daunting array of choices in service providers. The state of the applicant screening marketplace is most effectively illustrated by grouping these service providers into capability levels, or “generations.”

Most screening firms today are first-generation service providers.

There are literally hundreds of first-generation applicant screening firms.  Many are small operations that merely produce basic background data—devoting little attention to quality of information, technology, customer service availability, or user-friendliness. These firms typically have limited ability to support major accounts, are unable to keep current with required innovations, and have little business continuity planning in place.

A relative few screening firms are second-generation providers.

There are no more than 30 second-generation screening firms in the market today. Many of these mid-sized to large players have harnessed processes and technology to improve the quality, use, and delivery of screening information—but this often comes through partnerships or acquisition sprees that prove challenging to integrate. These firms represent the upper echelon of the applicant screening industry, but none cohesively and meaningfully combine quality, technology, process, and innovation to focus on the challenges of applicant screening.

Business Information Group (BIG®) stands apart as a third-generation applicant screening company.

BIG® leads the third generation of applicant screening by bridging the capability gap left by other firms. We provide a full suite of high-level services—but also uniquely combine strengths in innovation, technology, processes, and support to offer the necessary laser-like focus on applicant screening challenges.

The difference is our ability to singularly focus and incorporate a varied array of innovations—from ISO 9001:2008 quality management-certified processes, expert customer service, proprietary ActionsBase® searches, and “from the source” research to ApplicationStation®, HRMS Toolbox® and fully integrated occupational health screening services — into customized programs. This ultimately enables seamless solutions as unique and multi-faceted as each employer’s hiring process requires.

We invite you to explore our capabilities on this Web site with one caveat: only a third-generation applicant screening firm can provide a truly comprehensive sum of applicant screening services, solutions, and features. BIG® is that third-generation firm.