DOT Compliance

BIG’s all-inclusive approach to DOT compliance brings together complete program services, support, and management tools in a singular, high-quality route to meeting your program requirements.

Driver Qualification File Management

BIG® provides complete organization and management of the files required to keep your drivers in compliance with the DOT.

How can we help you?

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BIG’s DOT compliance services offer financial services employers who have DOT-regulated drivers a turnkey approach to meeting requirements for driver drug and alcohol testing, physicals, random pool administration and driver qualification file (DQF) management. We can assist with as many of these DOT program elements as you like. As a third party administrator, we don’t simply perform these services; we offer full program support through DOT regulatory alerts, policy development, training and audit assistance.

BIG’s Web-based report management system,, enables more advanced, effective management of screening results, random programs and DQFs through anytime access to data, real-time program stats and customizable analysis tools.

DOT Drug Testing (24 to 48-hour turnaround)
DOT drug testing services include urine specimen analysis conducted by HHS/SAMHSA-certified laboratories, in accordance with DOT 49 CFR Part 40 Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedures.  You can choose to use our onsite collector network, or our vast pool of more than 10,000 collection sites located throughout the United States.

In compliance with the DOT regulations, we perform the mandated 5-panel tests for amphetamines, cocaine metabolites, marijuana metabolites, opiates and phencyclidine using DOT-mandated cutoff levels.

DOT Breath Alcohol Testing (Instant to 24-hour turnaround)
Our DOT breath alcohol testing services offer breath specimen analysis at your location or at any of our thousands of certified collection facilities in compliance with DOT regulations. Breath alcohol tests are performed by DOT-certified technicians, using federally approved testing equipment.

Random Program Management (RPM)
Our random program management (RPM) services include automated random periodic selections of test subjects from your employee lists; Web-based notification of selections; test scheduling assistance; and automated compliance monitoring via myRPM suite of tools on, our Web-based report management system. All selections and testing are conducted in compliance with specific mandatory testing rates for each DOT modality and with your company policy.

Medical Review Officer Services
BIG’s Medical Review Officers (MROs), certified by the MROCC and/or AAMRO, perform complete drug test review and verification services, including the applicant interview, results investigation and results reporting. Our MROs conduct Chain of Custody form reviews, verification interviews, investigation of medical explanations, blind specimen testing and results verification and reporting in a manner consistent with DOT regulations. Our MROs are also directly available to you at any time for ongoing consultation on your program.

DOT Physicals
BIG’s DOT physicals service includes driver physical due-date alerts and renewal reminders, as well as physical scheduling assistance. We’ll ensure the completion of all required exam elements to certify drivers’ suitability to work and review and maintain exam results data and medical examiner’s certificates on your behalf.

DOT Employment History Verification
Our DOT employment history verification service includes investigation of a driver’s employment record for the preceding three years, within 30 days of beginning employment with your company. The investigation includes completion of all DOT-recommended questions and is designed to keep you in compliance with DOT regulations.

DOT Drug & Alcohol History Verification
Our DOT drug and alcohol history verification service includes investigation of a driver’s drug and alcohol testing record with all employers during the preceding two years. The investigation includes completion of all DOT-required questions and is designed to keep you in compliance with DOT regulations.

DOT Policy Development
BIG’s OHS team can offer DOT policy development support through sample policy materials, review of your existing policy and DOT regulations monitoring. We also provide you with continual updates on emerging DOT program issues and pending regulation changes.