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We provide applicant screening services through state-of-the-art facilities in Warminster, Pa., and Marlton, N.J. By pursuing the latest leading-edge technology and top-tier expertise, we ensure the highest levels of performance and security for our clients.

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Application development
BIG’s expert team of information technology professionals provides complete design, implementation, and maintenance support for all of our service and systems. Our team of IT developers is proficient in all aspects of application development and support, including:

  • Project management
  • Software design, development and support
  • Network design, administration and support
  • Database design, development and administration
  • Help desk support
  • Telephone support
  • Workstation support
  • Security management

Our comprehensive in-house IT expertise allows us to proactively bring employers advanced technology solutions that not only enhance the performance and value of our applicant screening services, but also seamlessly mesh with their existing hiring systems and processes.

The infrastructure of our facilities provides a solid foundation for efficiently and securely processing hundreds of thousands of applicant screening reports annually.

The cornerstone of this capability is our proprietary electronic workflow system, which tracks each applicant screening research component through its completion, allowing unparalleled control and oversight of the process from start to finish. All our systems are supported by standardized hardware platforms and communications protocols supplied by world-class vendors.

We address the critical need to ensure the privacy and integrity of applicant screening information through comprehensive security measures for both our IT systems and our physical locations.

Access to our Web-based report management system is available only to authorized users through a digital certificate- or password-based security model. Within the system, all transmitted information is encrypted to ensure it cannot be intercepted or viewed by unauthorized parties. Our network security is certified by Verizon Cybertrust Security, a leading risk management service provider.

Physical access to our facilities and data centers is protected through iris scan biometric technology, badge access systems, video cameras, motion detectors, and protective window film. A 24/7/365 security monitoring system provides immediate detection of fire, water, or unauthorized access.

Business continuity
BIG® recognizes the vital importance of the continuous availability of our services, and has established numerous redundancy and security measures to prevent and protect against potential disruptions.

Our IT team continually monitors the performance of our servers and systems using a variety of flagging programs. The team follows a formal escalation procedure to efficiently investigate and resolve production issues that arise.

We’ve implemented redundant hard drives and networks for our servers; back-up servers for key systems; and multiple Internet connections and T-1 communication lines from separate providers to ensure continuous Internet connectivity.

Our multiple data centers operate in an active/fail-over configuration. Separate power and phone grids, and distinct utility providers support all facilities, enabling efficient transfer of our operations to an alternate location if necessary. Additional safeguards include backup power through Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and generators, and backup HVAC systems for continued climate control. And, we protect data centers at all locations from fire with FM-200 suppression systems.

Physical security measures such as iris scan biometric technology, badge access systems, video cameras, motion detectors, and protective window film control access to our facilities, and further prevent potential disruption of our operations. Our 24/7/365 security monitoring system enables an immediate proactive response to fire, flooding, or unauthorized access.