SMS Notifications Terms and Conditions

 Effective: April 19, 2018

These SMS Terms and Conditions sets forth more detail Business Information Group, Inc. (“BIG”), a background screening company, communicating with you via text message regarding the background check that we are performing on you for our client (the “Services”).   The background check is being completed upon your consent.  If you have not granted consent for BIG to perform a background check on you, please contact us. 

As part of the Services, you agree to the use of short message service (“SMS”) or text messages (collectively referred to as “Messages”).  As part of the Services, BIG will send you text messages if you opt in to receiving such text messages. Once you opt in, you will have an opportunity to confirm your interest in receiving these messages via a reply to an initial text message you receive. Your consent is not a condition to purchase services from BIG.

At no time will BIG send you text messages that include any advertisements, marketing or any other matters not related to the background check that we are conducting.  For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy at

Our expectation is that you will receive periodic text messages, with a frequency of one (1) message per user request. 

Please be aware that message and data rates may apply from your mobile carrier. BIG does not have any control over these rates, nor does it have control as to any other obligations you may have to your mobile carrier in connection with your text messaging service. By opting in to receive messages from BIG, you are accepting any such charges from your mobile carrier.  BIG does not control how these fees are charged to or collected from you.

BIG reserves the right to terminate the text messaging program, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. The information in any message may be subject to certain time lags and/or delays. BIG does not guarantee that text messaging is available across all carriers, and is not liable for delayed or undelivered messages.

You may text “HELP” for any assistance in response to the latest text you received from BIG.  You will receive a response to contact Customer Service at (800) 803-0331, or contact   BIG will answer any of your service or other related questions that you may have.

To stop receiving text messages from BIG, text STOP, STOP ALL, END, QUIT, CANCEL or UNSUBSCRIBE to the number from which you received the last text message.   Our preference is that you simply text “STOP”, should you decide to cancel all texting.

Please note that opting out of receiving text messages from BIG will unsubscribe you from all text messages sent by BIG.You agree that following a request to unsubscribe from texts, you will receive one (1) final message from BIG, confirming that you have been inactivated from receiving texts from BIG.

For Customer Service, call: (800) 803-0331 contact

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What our clients are saying

We cannot express enough how much we have enjoyed working with BIG! It has really benefitted our processing and ease of doing business!

Licensing and Registration Manager
Investment and Insurance Company

I enjoy collaborating with BIG, and know that if I have to reach out with a question/concern, a positive attitude with a willingness to find resolve is on the other side of an email or a phone call.

Human Resources Administrator
Global Financial Services Firm

You have been the most professional and most helpful business partner that I have ever been associated with — always there to assist us and with rapid turnaround times.

Principal Consultant
Major Professional Services Network

I am confident whenever we add a product with your company that I will have a good experience.

Division Manager
Insurance and Financial Services Agency

We have received superior service and we know this is what you and your team strive for. We are grateful for the dedication, level of professionalism and effort shown.

Large Insurance Agency
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