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Congresswoman to introduce bill to ban pre-employment salary inquiries


The bill would prohibit employers from asking applicants for their salary history before making a job or salary offer. Read More

Rhode Island law prohibits employers from requesting tax documents from applicants


Employers operating in Rhode Island should note that the state has a law in place prohibiting employers from requesting tax-related documents from prospective employees as a condition of consideration for employment. Read More

Philadelphia adopts regulations surrounding halted salary history ban


The Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations released regulations interpreting portions of the city’s proposed Wage Equity Ordinance; however, the ordinance is currently on hold amid legal challenges from the city’s Chamber of Commerce. Read More

Columbia, South Carolina Limits Inquiries About Applicants' Criminal and Salary Histories

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By Molly Shah and William Simmons on October 3, 2019 Read More

T-Mobile Accused Of Conducting Background Checks Without Proper Consent


Allegations indicate that the wireless network operator illegally obtained consumer credit reports belonging to both applicants and employees. Read More

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