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Fieldprint Capture Protocol Does Not Permit "Contactless" Fingerprinting


While some government agencies have altered processes to accommodate social distancing guidelines, fingerprint capture protocol has not been amended. Read More

FBI Restriction on Fingerprint Repurposing


Recently, some confusion has been generated in the marketplace regarding a change by the FBI pertaining to the repurposing of fingerprints for any lawful use. In this context, "repurposing" references instances in which an applicant has fingerprints collected for one purpose ( i.e., FBI checks) and that same collection is used for additional purposes (i.e., Nationwide Multistate Licensing System ("NMLS") or Financial Industry Regulatory Authority... Read More

Fieldprint Site Policy Update


Updated policy dictates that Fieldprint sites operate according to state ordinances. Read More

Reminder: Review Your Fingerprinting Program


BIG wants to remind our fingerprinting service clients that it is crucial for legal counsel and/or other experts to continually review your fingerprinting program to ensure compliance with updated FBI requirements. Read More

Important Announcement for FINRA Firms

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FINRA recently announced the outsourcing of their store and forward software, expected to go live in September, 2021. Read More

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