The process of looking for a new applicant screening provider can seem like a daunting task. An RFP that fails to clearly address your unique pain points and pose appropriate questions can hamper your evaluation process. The resources found here will help you use the RFP process to your best advantage and streamline, not stall, your search.


Do you have experience in the financial services industry?

Yes. BIG has focused exclusively on providing screening services to the financial services industry since the company was founded in 1989. For more than 25 years, this focus has enabled us to cultivate a full suite of screening services tailored to the unique contracting and hiring needs of the financial services industry. Additionally, we help clients to manage emerging legal and compliance requirements specific to the financial services industry.

BIG has a dominant position in the financial services sector, serving a majority of the world's largest financial services firms. We serve more than 10,000 large and small financial services companies.

Our financial services focus has led to the development of a number of industry-specific products and services. For example, our Fieldprint fingerprinting service was originally developed in direct response to requests from financial services clients who were looking for a fully outsourced fingerprinting solution. Our ActionsBase database, which compiles a list of sanctions and disciplinary actions taken against individuals by financial services regulatory bodies and other organizations, is another example of how our sharp focus on this business has led to the development of targeted products for financial services firms.

For more information on our financial services industry expertise, click here.

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